lockdown in boston

This week has been painful, difficult, alarming, and frightening since the Boston Screen Shot 2013-04-19 at 2.56.47 PMMarathon Bombing on Monday.  I cannot imagine being a victim or a family member to a victim as they must be living a nightmare. Not being directly effected is still harrowing. Waking up this morning to the manhunt that is ongoing in and around the city is surreal. While I am safe in my home with David and our puppies, Bella and Buster, it is nonetheless a tense time as we are glued to the television. The images and video flashing on the screen are of some of our favorite places in the city. Friends are scattered throughout the city in their homes and apartments and we continue to call one another and check-in on not only their security but their sanity. I can only pray that the suspect will be apprehended soon and that Boston will be able to begin the long, and for many what will be painful, healing process. Boston Strong.