new car smell

Holy Doodle!!!!!  We bought a new car.  During the Friday commute home, I turned to David and asked "Do you want to do something crazy?" So there we were on Saturday morning at our local Toyota dealership ready to test drive the redesigned 2013 Rav4. We walked in and steeled ourselves for what would inevitably be a day full of pressure, haggling, and a lot of "no thank yous." We tested the car in the neighborhood and found that the Rav4 drove just like my corolla with a slight height difference. Of course after the test drive, the salesperson brought us inside to talk about "getting you into a car today!"  The nerves immediately went on high alert and David and I sent each other looks, "do we want to do this?" "should we get out now?" "What is our bottom line" "Are we willing to negotiate?" Between 11AM and 5:30PM, David and I were hostages at the dealership.  We haggled, debated, hemmed and hawed, and finally shook the salespersons hand and bought ourselves a new car!

I like to name my cars.  My electric blue Corolla was named Zoe.  It felt like a young, playful and trendy name which seemed to fit perfectly with such a bright and sleek vehicle. Trading in Zoe was sad. She was my first car. We had been through a lot together. From road trips, to errands, to adventures, Zoe and I made great memories.  She was a solid, efficient car and it is sad thinking about how she had no idea yesterday morning that when she left her comfortable garage she would not be coming back. We said our goodbyes to Zoe and I know that whenever I see an electric blue corolla out on the road I will always hope it is Zoe being reliable and awesome with her new family.

Our new car is named Bianca della Carza. Clearly we went with Bianca because the car itself is white and since I speak Italian it allows me to pretend to speak it fluently. The "della Carza" was added because a local news caster is named "Bianca de la Garza" and as soon as we named the car Bianca the della Carza followed naturally out of our mouths as though we had been fully indoctrinated by our TV watching.  Laughing, we decided to go with it. Bianca is in the garage now.  It is still hard to believe that we bought a new car, said good bye to Zoe, and weaved our lives together even more all in a single day.