mfa, boston

Sadly, today was the last weekday of Spring Break. How did I spend it?  Out and about, of course! Despite being sick with a sore throat, cold, and a touch of a fever, I bundled up, drove David into work, and grabbed Skye for a day in Boston. Starting the relaxing day at Flour Bakery, we relished in our breakfast treats, coffees, and conversation for two slow hours before making our way over to the MFA.  Since the museum's renovation, I had yet to visit and this is shockingly sad since art history was my minor!  It was so beautiful and powerful walking through the new wing of the MFA and fully taking in the art of the Americas collection.  One of my favorite parts of the day came when we stumbled into the contemporary art section and discussed our varied preferences for pieces depending on their function and/or form.  Before museum fatigue could set in, we walked through the Boston Garden and grabbed a tasty lunch at Fig's Pizza.  Sharing a pizza that was half fig jam and prosciutto and half portabella mushroom and truffle oil was divine! My belly is still full hours later. To try to settle our fully expanded tummies, we wandered along Newbury Street until it was time to head in our separate directions: Skye to Cambridge and I to meet with my friend Lauren.  It was a whirlwind of a day but after a few days in bed fighting off my Spring Break sick, it was the perfect last weekday of the break.