cream cheese & cucumber sandwich

Screen Shot 2013-03-21 at 1.25.32 PM I am obsessed.  At 10AM, I am already craving lunchtime. Since visiting my sister-in-law in California and snacking on these sandwiches with her, I am now fully committed to eating these each day. Standing in the bakery of Whole Foods this morning, I contemplated which bread I should indulge in.  If I am going to be eating cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches for the foreseeable future then the bread must be delicious, soft, and tasty. As such, I opted for a french brioche. Likewise, I tossed into my basket some whipped cream cheese and one extra long cucumber to ensure that my ingredients would last me at least through the weekend of sandwich splurges that I am envisioning. Topping the sandwich off with a pinch of salt and pepper I gobbled it up before noon.  Not only was it fantastic, simple and fresh, but it also reminded me of the quiet afternoons nibbling this sandwich and drinking milky chai lattes with my sister-in-law not more than a few days ago. While I miss her, my brother, and the littles so very much, it is nice to travel back there with a sensory memory.