big city days

Friday was bittersweet. A snow day is always an unexpected bonus but the result of Mother Nature's dumping led to a difficult decision. I am supposed to be in Philadelphia right now instead of at home on my couch while David naps between the puppies. So what happened? 12 inches of heavy wet snow and anxiety about driving conditions happened. My girlfriends from college and I planned for months a long weekend trip to visit our bestie, Kellyanne, in her new hometown of brotherly love. The night before, I packed my bags, rolled up my yoga mat for our Saturday morning session, and checked in with the driver of the car.  Yes, we were excited and ready to go! Nothing meant more to us that standing by our commitment to visit and cherish our Philly transplant. After the excitement of the snow day wore off, approximately 60 minutes from it being called, I sat by the window and contemplated the drive from MA to PA. For hours, I spun the tires of my mind with Laura and Lauren. We were all concerned about the road conditions. Twelve inches should not be taken lightly!  Schools were closed, tractor-trailers were jackknifing along the highways, and we were anxious about what to do. I hate to say this but I wonder if we were men if we would have been better equipped to simply say, "Hey the weather is bad. Let's reschedule," without the piles of guilt that we layered onto this decision. If we had been flying, Logan Airport would have made the call for us: flights cancelled. But, we were driving. No one ever wants to disappoint a friend.  Crying, cursing, calling one another occupied the morning and afternoon hours. Finally, we decided to postpone the trip. Sometimes, we have to have those courageous conversations when we say, "this is a really difficult decision, I trust that you know how much you mean to me and that you know we will reschedule and come see you really soon."  And, you trust that, despite the disappointment, your friend is truly your friend and understands the gravity upon which you made this choice. Thankfully, Kellyanne is exactly that kind of friend. Honest, hilarious, beautiful, smart, and understanding, while disappointed, she assured us she understood. And the count down to Philly begins again. This time, it will absolutely happen, the weather in Boston can be unpredictable but snow in April is beyond rare!

So what do you do with a spoiled weekend? You try to salvage it of course. Lauren, Laura, Becca, and I met up for a "big city day."  We had planned to be tourists in Philly and we decided to become tourists of our hometown metropolis. Screen Shot 2013-03-10 at 1.27.54 PMWe walked from one end of downtown to the other: Newbury Street through the North End. We laughed a little, caught up a bit, and spent a lot of time planning our next Philly trip.  The funny thing is, even though we weren't with Kel, we carried her around the city with us. We reflected on the value of her friendship, the kindness of her spirit, and how coming together today reminded us of how much we truly missed her. We told our favorite stories about Kel, like how we met her on the floor of our dorm sitting in her room listening to music, or how we loved when she "moved into" our apartment after a heartbreak because even though she was in pain we loved having her near us. We laughed about her jokes and reminisced about vacations and weddings in which we danced the night away together. Walking in Boston we recalled previous times together in the city, "remember what happened here?" "remember what happened there?"  The guilt slowly melted away as we each became more confident in our friendship with Kel and more and more excited to have a future weekend to look forward to when we could have a "big city day" with her in Philly....really soon.