The wind has been howling outside my window since yesterday evening. Sleeping was challenging as I was awoken by the ceaseless bellowing. The disturbed sleep reminded me that a potential snow day might await in the morning if the wind was any indication of the intensity of the snow outside. At 3AM, I crept to the window, pulled the shades open, and evaluated the snow. Thick snowflakes fell in whiteout conditions. I noted the inevitability of the snow day to come and snuggled back down between the sheets for a few more hours until confirmation would arrive. The alarm sounded 5:45AM, and I bounded to my phone but no alert for a snow day!  I bemoaned the plight of shoveling the 7 inches of fallen snow and the long drive to school. Nerves gathered in the pit of my stomach as I considered my driving skills, my corolla's maneuverability, and my personal inability to be "that teacher" that calls out on an "un-snow" day. Disappointedly, I headed into the shower and asked David to keep me posted, "Don't hesitate to disturb my shower should news come in." "Of course," David said as he sent in his own "I will be working from home e-mail" to work. Just as I wrapped up in my towel, David came in with a grin on his face, "You are home, babe!"  The utter delight left me ecstatic.  Not only could I avoid driving the treacherous roads, not only did we get a snow day, but our two week Spring Break starts now!  Oh, the irony of Spring Break starting with a snowstorm!  Of course, though on this day when I am enjoying my unexpected day off, I am also reminded of how amazing my students are. Within minutes of school being called off, I received the following e-mails that warmed my soul and made my really miss school today:

"Good morning Mrs. X this is my presentation I will not be attending school today thank you."

"Since we don't have school do you still want us to share our presentations with you? Do you want us to record ourselves and send it to you?"

"Since we have a snow day today, I thought that I should just share my prezi with you so that you have it. Hope that you have a nice vacation!"

It will be two weeks until I see these curious, thoughtful, hard-working young men and women.  While I will absolutely enjoy the time to myself and this time in whichScreen Shot 2013-03-08 at 9.47.22 AM I am not "Mrs. X" but just Melissa, not seeing them, not working with them, not observing their talents, answering their questions, watching their presentations, or facilitating their discussions will leave an emptiness to my day. I will miss the kiddos in the next 14 days plus 1 from this snow day!