down the rabbit hole

Everything changes today at work. Instead of having at least one hour to regroup in the middle of the day between classes, I have now lost my prep period.  EEK! Starting today for the next six weeks, teaching will be back to back to back to back from 8AM through 3:25PM. I will miss my quiet solitude in the midst of a busy school day.  Typically, this time was an opportunity to get some grading done on a  productive day, to photocopy handouts on a medium day, and to cyberloaf on "one of those kind of days." Not only does this "me time" disappear but my new classes present a number of Screen Shot 2013-03-04 at 1.01.51 PMchallenges in and of themselves. The room is bursting with students, the materials are harder, the discussion ever more critical to foster, and the pressure to "do it all and be awesome while doing it" is striking. Pushing my anxiety to the side will be difficult when there is no time to check in with myself.  But I will make it through this and it will be challenging and exciting.  Some days I will second guess taking on this extra course as I struggle to either manage a classroom dynamic or to climb out of the mountains of grading that is inevitable. Some days I will leave school feeling the lightness of teaching and envisioning that there was Robin Williams Dead Poet's Society moment to the day. Regardless, I am going down the rabbit hole of teaching and hoping that these six weeks are the fastest and slowest six weeks to the year!