best friend part II

In October, I wrote a post about my best friend, Laura.  It felt so good putting my love and respect for Laura out there in the world that I wanted to share a similar post for my other best friend, Skye. Both Laura and Skye have come into my life when I was in need of a transition.  Laura helped me to grow up, and Skye helped me to grow into my new self. I am ME today because of them. After I graduated in 2007, I enrolled immediately into a BA-MA program in History. Perhaps, I was not quite ready to face the reality of job hunting.  But, I found myself deeply invested in my program and unwilling to leave school until I had exhausted this path. My family asked what my plan was with a MA in History.  It wasn't like the BIG History firms were hiring downtown. I could not articulate why this MA program made sense, but I knew that at the end of the year I would figure everything out. Was I nervous?  Absolutely!  But, I was ready for this journey and for staying on campus as a Resident Assistant. I kissed my college roommates goodbye as they headed into their first jobs and first apartment, while I moved into my little wedge room on the first floor of a sophomore dorm.  The room was literally the shape of a wedge of cheese! The first night in my dorm alone, without my old roommates and with the responsibility of bringing together a floor of 40 sophomore girls, was one of my loneliest nights ever. I felt so awkward and fake meeting the girls on my floor and telling them, "Please knock on my door anytime you like."

One night while plowing through hundreds of pages of Japanese History, a girl on my floor came barreling into my room excited, out of breath, and giddy to the extreme. Not having really bonded with any of the girls in particular, I was taken aback by how warm, affectionate, and open this young girl was.  I listened attentively while thinking, "Why is she sharing this with me?" She gushed about a young man she had a date with and how amazingly romantic and storybook it was.  While she weaved her tale, I wondered if she would be my friend. Her emotions intimidated me. They were so raw.  I never shared that much of myself with a relative stranger before, and yet, I was drawn to this quality....jealous of this quality.

This odd moment was the start of our beautiful friendship. While I tried to balance my time and attention with the other girls on my floor, Skye clearly became near and dear to me. The night our friendship was cemented came in the Winter. Skye and Cathleen, another super cool girl on our floor, were sitting in my room telling ghost stories. Cathleen told a bone chilling story that left me haunted as they were preparing to leave for the night to their own rooms.  The thought of sleeping in my room alone after that chilling story was unimaginable. I pulled Skye aside and bashfully asked, "Would you sleep in the room with me tonight? I am totally spooked."  Quickly, Skye set up her bed on my couch and we had pillow talk for a few more minutes before turning out the lights. Still panic stricken, I asked, "This is so crazy, but would you sleep in the bed with me?"  Laughing she said, "Yes!" We both were terrorized by that story and both wanted to ask the other the same thing.  We lay in bed laughing and laughing until we fell asleep. Clearly, we became fast friends after that!!

Describing Skye is difficult but let me try.  She is passionate, enthusiastic, she sees the glass half full always, and believes deeply in a person's ability to change. Emotions run wild within her but her greatest emotions of all are her constant compassion, empathy, and love.  Skye is literally filled with love from her head to her toes!  She is affectionate and serious, intelligent, curious, and playful. She is young and wise beyond her years.  She is beautiful, spunky, silly, intense, demanding, and challenging. The highest standards are set by Skye for herself and for those around her.  I like this quality about her.  While many cannot handle this pressure, it shows me that she cares desperately for the people around her and that she wants each person to value their relationships. Skye has taught me to let go and let me hair down.  As a capricorn, I can be buttoned up, organized, and frosty at times and, as my Zodiac counterpart, Skye challenges me to dig deep into my emotions and to let them out. Like Laura, Skye has been a part of the my life changing events, including acting as my Cyrano De Bergerac while I courted my husband, my bridesmaid, my coffee date, my adversary, and my best friend. With two best friends like these, there is truly nothing else a girl could ask for.

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