Waking up at 5:45AM was worth it.  After driving David to work, I drove into Boston to pick up my beloved friend, Skye. The plan?  To delight in a full day together and to learn some new crafts.  Starting at our favorite coffee shop, Tatte, we caught up over lattes and cinnamon roses. With sticky fingers, we fogged up the frosty window with warm dialogue. Before long, almost two hours had passed and slightly chilly in the window seat, we bid the barrista adieu and sauntered out into the cold Boston air. Moments later we were ushered into Skye's cozy attic apartment and settled into our usual affection having broken through any hesitation that might have formed in the absence of seeing the other for some time. Totally free and content, we opened up to one another, challenged each other, and dreamed together of future travels to faraway places. The rest of the city was busy at work, and we had stolen away together in the attic to appreciate each other, to laugh together, and to craft together.  By the end of our full day together, we had tackled an embroidery project.  Ever the encouraging and idealistic teacher, Skye instructed my hands on the embroidery hoops and helped me to feel comfortable with my creativity. At first, I was anxious to draw the design, anxious to thread the needles, and anxious to begin the stitches.  Yet, Skye is not judgmental and taking a deep breath, I began to embroider with a bit more confidence.  Together at her drafting table we hacked our way through pattern cutting and I left this delightful day of reminiscing, creating, and growing with my first homemade project of 2013...a "coaster"!