red curry and vegetables

This evening, David and I tried a new vegan recipe adapted from the truffle honey blog.  When I am "cooking" in the kitchen, David is less a sous chef and more of an emergency responder.  Without fail there will always be some minor or major disaster in the kitchen from exploding pots to fires. I would not be cooking if I was not also making a GIANT mess of something.  At first, this was a source of great anxiety and discouragement. Why couldn't I flow through the kitchen? Why did I cut my hands with the chopping knife? Why did I light paper on fire while reading the recipe? Why did I burn rice? Why did the pudding explode on the stove-top? Perhaps it is because I lack overall patience in my life and watching a pot doesn't make it boil why not crank up the heat?  These messes and disasters have now become a way of life and David is quick off the couch when he hears, "Ah Help!"  Without any questions, he scans the room first for my safety and then proceeds with his rehearsed crisis management skills. Tonight, I threw red curry on the floor while sautéing onions, chopping veggies, and trying to use my body to shield the dogs from the paste on the floor. In an odd way, in the midst of the disaster we have established a rhythm to quell the incident and move on towards meal time. As Julia Child once said, "The only real stumbling block is fear of failure. In cooking you've got to have a what-the-hell attitude.” This dish was delicious, disaster and all!

Saute onions in oil with garlic until translucent and fragrant 

Julienne peppers, carrots, Shitake mushrooms, and bamboo shoots

Cut a large handful of snap peas in half

Once onions are cooked through add two tablespoons of red curry paste

Add one can (14 oz) of unsweetened coconut milk, bring to boil, add in vegetables and simmer on medium-high covered for about 8 minutes. Then serve with brown rice and toasted naan.