curried lentils and sweet potatoes

Yesterday was our first full day as vegans. It was surprisingly fun to walk through the school cafeteria and repeat my new mantra as I scanned the buffet, "You are a vegan, you are a vegan." Upon entering, I noticed that the main hot meal was chicken quesadillas.  I quickly by-passed this selection and made a beeline for the vegetarian option. Alas, it was cheese quesadillas and those do not quite fit the vegan protocol. I tried not to panic. Thankfully, my school's menu items are diverse and plentiful and I was able to put together a delicious meal of salad, veggies, and butternut squash soup. Having survived my first school day as a vegan, I went confidently into the kitchen to cook my first vegan meal for dinner. We chose a recipe from smitten kitchen and were delighted with how satisfying and flavorful it was. I highly recommend it to all herbivores (and anyone else who enjoys a restaurant quality meal in the comfort of one's home!). Not to shabby for Day 1 and the pledge to this new lifestyle and eating habit has only gotten stronger.