kale & spicy sausage stew

During my second year of teaching I met my dear friend Sarah.  We taught next door to each other and our conjoining door was never closed for long.  She spoke to my soul and we formed a deep friendship. One of my favorite stories about our friendship is the following: Sarah is a yoga instructor and as she focused on creating balance in her life and making space for herself, while also being available to her students, she would often take five minutes during lunch to mediate. I joined her one afternoon.  We shut the doors to her room, closed the shades, and laid down on the floor.  We rested our heads on yoga blocks, placed blankets over our bodies, and closed our eyes. Silence and relaxation washed over us. Then suddenly the door was pushed open, a student rushed in, and set up his computer at a desk and began to do work. Sarah and I were frozen on the floor.  Here we were two teachers, in a dark room, laying on the floor under blankets.  This did not look good on so many levels!  The student just continued to work, work, work as if his two teachers laying on the floor was a totally natural experience. Finally, Sarah broke the awkwardness and said, "Excuse me can't you see we need a moment here?"  Startled the student looked up, made a face, and left the room...but did not close the door behind him! We could not resist the laughter that bubbled forth.  Needless to say, we did not mediate like this again but we often laugh about it still!

Sarah moved away to Seattle last year and I have had an emptiness in my life and in my school day ever since. The other day, Sarah e-mailed me this wonderful blog: Eat, Live, Run. Despite the distance, Sarah and I still share our passion for finding and eating healthy foods and trying to wrangle in our pesky extra ten pounds.  My first recipe from this site, Kale and White Bean Soup with Golden Beets and Spicy Sausage, was a total hit!  Flavorful and reminiscent of Thanksgiving foods, this is a definite repeat recipe and I am excited to try another one from this blog sometime.