puppy sitting

How are we relaxing this long Fall weekend?  By puppy-sitting of course!  That's right, we are currently watching a co-worker's little four month old havanese named Parker. We did not quite think this through.  A long weekend is meant to be spent sleeping in late, napping in the afternoons, and overall conserving energy via snuggles, easy walks in the local park, and  eating comfort foods.  While we are doing many of these things, we are finding ourselves waking up early to little puppy barks and having to play referee between Parker, Bella, and Buster. As our simple dog, Buster, has accepted the little puppy.  He will play with Parker or not depending on his mood but overall Parker has not changed Buster's schedule of sleeping and licking the couch cushions (yes, a very weird habit!).  Bella however is having a much harder time of it.  The little puppy like toys and since Bella is our more complicated dog, she jealously steals his toys and from time to time snaps at Parker.  While this is an amazing lesson in patience for all us, we are definitely counting the hours until little Parker goes home and Bella can finally "relax" so to speak. Yet, the little guy is so cute and small that I cannot help but think about having another little small member join our family =)