oktoberfest kielbasa

This afternoon David and I are going to our neighbor's house for an Oktoberfest party. Having lived in an apartment downtown for three years in which our neighbors neither said hello nor made eye contact with us, this new phenomena of visiting with neighbors and spending what could be a few hours with them is still new and exciting. Of course, we have to bring something and so I thought I would make this super simple crockpot kielbasa that I learned from a college roommate.  Every superbowl in college, Kellyanne made this dish and we devoured it.  While the ingredients are simple and perhaps a little odd...I promise the tangy sweetness these slow cooked sausages get in the end is amazingly delicious!

For a medium to large pot of kielbasa, I usually purchase three. Slice them up thin and throw the slices into the crockpot bowl. Take two jars of chili sauce and two jars of grape jelly and empty the contents of the container over the top of the kielbasa. Mix the ingredients well. Turn the crockpot on low and cook (stirring occasionally) four -six hours.