Happy Monday?

I never like to give a quiz on a Monday.  It seems to set an odd tone for the rest of the week. I imagine that the students are frantically studying and cursing my name while they review, study, and memorize the events and people of the communist revolution in Russia. What were the bread riots? Who were the Mensheviks and Bolsheviks?  Who was Trotsky?  Why did Lenin go into exile during World War I? All weekend long the students practice, rehearse, and prepare for this Monday morning quiz.  In high school, I hated these particular quizzes. The weekend would be ruined by the fear and trepidation of the impending exam. Fast forward ten years, and I sit behind my "teacher desk" and oversee the current quiz.  With the start of the school year and the various long weekends for different holidays, teacher conferences, and orientation trips, I have convinced myself this could not have been avoided.  Yet, I still feel terrible being that teacher, that Monday quiz teacher, that "Happy Monday here is a quiz" teacher! Watching the students, writing , erasing, and brainstorming over their papers makes me so uncomfortable.  To them, I must be "out to get them" today, but to me....I am sitting hear anxiously hoping that each aces it!  Maybe that's just the radical socialist in me?