Warby Parker Trial

This week I discovered the company Warby Parker and immediately fell in love and sought out their free trial option. If you have not discovered this site and wear prescription glasses (or just want to wear glasses as an accessory), Warby Parker brings the latest, hippest styles to you for quite a reasonable price. Deep down inside, I desperately want to be a Hipster. Unfortunately, I have been too shy to try that look. Therefore, the Warby Parker trial option was perfect for me. I requested five pairs of glasses that I felt captured the hipster vibe and without fear I was able to try them on, walk around in them, and pretend that just maybe the inner hipster in me would come out and shine! Having spent hundreds of dollars at bigger named stores, Warby Parker's style, market, and approach is a breath of fresh air! I highly recommend giving their website more than just a quick glimpse. I had so much fun this evening and maybe I'll order one of these...maybe. Thoughts on which I should buy?

The Delivery from UPS

Crosby Greystone

Sinclair Greystone

Preston Sandelwood

Tenley Midnight Blue

Finn Revolver Black