Boston Creme Pie

I have never been a great baker. Cookies, cakes, breads, and muffins are some of my guiltiest pleasures.  Yet, when it comes to making them at home, I am always nervous that something is going to go wrong.  Today, I decided to try to tackle the Boston Creme Pie. A cake named for my adopted hometown seems like just the thing I should master for guests and visitors. When it came to the recipe Martha Stewart seemed like the most obvious choice.  Here is the link to the delicious cake that I spent most of the day trying to make. The step for the pudding filling was a tricky spot.  Everything else seems to have come out perfectly.  Unfortunately, when I shimmered the milk, I turned away for a few moments and turned back to find that the milk was boiling over the saucepan.  This yielded a pudding that was the consistency of a stiff board.  Undeterred by this mini kitchen disaster, I made a second attempt which was much more successful.  I am quite proud of this pie that now sits comfortably in the refrigerator awaiting tonight's little dinner party.