Slowly Summer

August is my favorite month of summer. After two months of vacation, I have finally settled into (and accepted) what it means to be on summer vacation.  No longer restless for a routine and something to do with the day and no longer bored by the many unfilled hours that had me either pacing the floor or crawling into bed for a nap in June and July, I can now simply enjoy this quiet time. Funny how this new inner peace leaves me with a mere two weeks until the hustle and bustle of school days, lesson planning, and late evenings grading commences to steal this August bliss away. I would like to start a new tradition for Thursdays in honor of this August calm. Perhaps by doing this, the sentiment can linger into the school year just a little bit longer.  While there is always so much to share and so much to discuss, it is not always easy to remember to savor the quiet moments of life. Thursday posts will now be dedicated to this.  One photo, one moment captured, no explanation, just the image and the stillness it brings to the table will occupy this space today.