Summer Spinach & Berry Salad

Trying to add greens to one's diet can be a difficult task.  Even though doing so brings so many beneficial nutrients to one's body, it can still be hard to choose to eat those greens and not that bowl of macaroni and cheese.  Finally though, I have created a super easy and delicious salad that has me actually craving my fruits and veggies.  This salad has become a constant dinner item as the summer heat continues to discourage too much hot baking and sautéing in the kitchen Ingredients:

1/2 cup blueberries

1/2 cup chopped strawberries

bunch of baby spinach

some slices of red onion

some slices of avocado

handful of cherry tomatoes

(anything else you like in your salad...perhaps some goat cheese?)

Mix all of the ingredients above in a large bowl or serving plate. Add a dressing that compliments the sweetness of the berries but does not create an overly saccharine experience for one's palette. I have been drizzling a little of Annie's Lite Poppy Seed Dressing over the top.  Then sit back and enjoy a delicious, healthy meal that is satisfying with its many complex flavors.

The reward of throwing this together a few times each week has been watching David enjoy eating salad.  While David is not afraid of his veggies,yet he has never been a fan of salads and has often called them "condiment vegetables."  Having a salad as the entire meal was never an option in our house.  Often I felt as though perhaps it was his fault that we did not eat as healthy as we should.  Clearly, if he did not eat salad then we had to make our poorer eating decisions of macaroni and cheese, steak and potatoes, and kielbasa. But, it is quite clear that my husband was not the accurate culprit.  Instead, we were not being creative and playful enough in the kitchen. Just because he did not like Romaine lettuce did not mean that all salads were off limits. Going into the grocery store, we began our experiment: one night of bibb lettuce, another of spring greens, another of kale, another of red leaf, and finally a night of spinach. As we played with our salads and tossed in a wild array of toppings, we found that we were having a whole lot of fun eating salad. Who said you cannot play with your food?