This summer has been quite busy.  Since returning from Costa Rica at the end of June, I have had guests visiting our house each week. From my parents, to co-workers, to David's parents, to friends, our house has had a revolving door. Finally, after almost four weeks of non-stop visitors, David and I are heading to Florida for a quick visit with his brother and then we can finally enjoy the rest of the summer together in our home alone. I love being busy, but I find that when I am entertaining guests (whoever they may be) I am unable to maintain healthy eating habits. So quickly I toss aside vegetables, home cooked meals, and exercise. Rather, I adjust my life and lifestyle to accommodate my guests and to impress them with the delights of nearby restaurants, fairs, and events. Why am I always so surprised then that I gain weight? Clearly, I allow guests to be an excuse to eat to wildly.  To help readjust this aspect of my diet, I have decided to "join" weight watchers. When I use the word diet here I am referring to the definition in which diet means the kinds of food that one habitually eats.

In middle school, I was a little chubby.  My mom was doing weight watchers at the time and I followed along with her.  What I learned from the program was not only how to count calories but how to make myself accountable and aware of the mindless snacking and the richness (or lack there of) of my food.  My just keeping a journal of food, I noticed how I rarely ate fruits or vegetables or even drank water throughout the day. My diet was not well-balanced as as a result I felt listless. I became aware of the poor diet decisions I made everyday and was therefore able to take control over it and refocus myself on eating right. I worked really hard on adjusting my palette so that my daily diet was more nutrient rich and less processed.  It was a hard journey that I remember well. From time to time, I forget about it (particularly when guests are in my house) and revert to my old diet of brown foods and sugary drinks.

By "joining" weight watchers now as a young adult, I am not attending classes nor am I following the whole program to a T but I am being mindful of my intake of veggies, fruits, lean proteins, water, and carbs.  By jotting down my food, I am making sure that my meals are balanced and not skipped and health centered.  Just two days into this modest plan and I feel more energetic, more satisfied, and more proud of my choices. I feel like I am recapturing the diet that I truly want and enjoy living.

It is cool these days to be a health nut. It is cool these days to be a exerciser and it is cool these days to talk about these topics and to be excited about sharing tips and tricks on maintaining a wholesome living. I am looking to be a part of this new cool group and I feel like I am on my way.  Now, let's keep this focus through my long weekend in Florida!