Back in the swing of things

So I am back from Costa Rica.  It was quite the trip and I needed some time to unwind and relax after that experience.  So many of my family and friends have asked if the experience was "fun."  That particular word does not quite capture the trip.  Instead, I would say that the trip was a very important experience. The trip was divided into two sections: Corcovado and Cedral. When in Corcovado, we worked on behalf of sea turtles.  Our task was to prepare what would be later utilized as a guarded turtle nursery.  We spent our three days at this location clearing brush, digging ditches, and tackling mud.

In Cedral, we lived in our homestays.  This was a very interesting experience.  I was way out of my comfort zone here.  Unable to communicate effectively with my family, I spent a lot of time being silent while nodding and smiling.  In the end, I miss them and I am happy that I had the opportunity to stay in their home.  Although as said before it was not easy to adapt to a new culture. During the day, we worked on building retaining walls for the local distribution center they were constructing to help them produce and process more of their local coffee.

I will never forget what I saw, did, and experienced in Costa Rica.  But, it is good to be home.