Since moving into our new house, David and I have struggled to confront our lawn situation.  The entire plot of land that our beautiful, little house sits on is covered in weeds - dandelions in particular. While convention dictates that we use chemicals to tackle these evolutionarily successful, opportunistic weeds, we have decided to go more natural and avoid the use of all chemicals.  Therefore, sweat equity is the currency in our backyard.  Rakes, hoes, and shovels are our tools of choice.  In the baking summer sun we worked for about three hours toiling in the soil, collecting weeds, and sprinkling seeds.  It is a great feeling to work in the soil with our hands. The dirt under my nails was a badge of honor and those same dirty fingers are crossed for the grass to start growing! Image

How to:

Take a rake, a strong back, and determination over a plot of land.  Rake up the weeds, making sure to remove the deep roots of the dandelions. Turn up the soil to release nutrients and aerate. Sprinkle grass seeds over the soil as evenly as possible making sure to cover the lawn fully.  Water grass seed patch 2 times daily.  Keep fingers crossed for successful growth!

While we were out there, we also planted some basil seeds, tomatoes, and roman chamomile.  We used a small seedling starter for the chamomile. For the basil and tomatoes, we used an antique soda box.  Hopefully, we will have our little garden growing sooner than later.  Watch for updates!